Wedding Frames

There are quite a few different designs available for Wedding Frames.

1. There is the 12 x 12 large white shadow box frame that consists of your wedding photo (this needs to be supplied) along with the wording of your choice. The wording I have pictured is: Mr & Mrs (insert surname) Insert Wedding Photo Date of Wedding As always, I’m happy to use whatever wording you would like. This frame also includes all alphabetical and numerical scrabble tiles, scrapbook paper and two embellishments.

1. The next design is a name place card in a 4 x 6 sized frame. The beauty of this frame is that it serves the purpose of letting the person know where they are sitting and also doubles as a thank you gift that most couples like to give out to their guests who attend their wedding. Includes frame, scrapbook paper, alphabetical tiles (coloured if you wish) and an embellishment. (Also perfect for a baby shower or a sit down dinner)

2. The next design is the ‘Be My Bridesmaid’ Frame. (Please note that this is not my photo or my own frame). What a perfect way to ask your bestie, sister or your sister in law to be your bridesmaid??!!. Frame includes alphabetical tiles and coloured tiles, scrapbook paper and two embellishments. Frame is a 12 x 12 white shadow box.

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